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No business owner wants to layoff employees, reduce hours, raise prices, or take other desperate measures to reduce expenses. Growing companies who seek to strengthen their workforce can’t afford to slow progress. Staff Boom is a smarter solution.

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The increasing minimum wage may be closer than you think

Even if you currently pay more than the proposed minimum wage in your city, increases in the minimum wage in neighboring cities will drive pressure to increase your wages. Long term employees currently earning $15 per hour are likely to demand more or seek alternate employment when less skilled workers around them are earning similar wages. It's a problem that's closer than you think.

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Insurance Workforce Turnover Rates for 2024

The global insurance industry has been growing at a slower rate than the economies in which they operate. In the United States and Europe, nominal GDP grew at a CAGR of 4 percent over the...

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Outsourcing Can Help During 2023 Inflation

Having a Hard Time Handling Higher Costs? As inflation continues to increase without a clear end in sight, businesses and consumers are reevaluating their financial plans for the upcoming year. It may seem counterintuitive to...

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