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No business owner wants to layoff employees, reduce hours, raise prices, or take other desperate measures to reduce expenses. Growing companies who seek to strengthen their workforce can’t afford to slow progress. Staff Boom is a smarter solution.

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The increasing minimum wage may be closer than you think

Even if you currently pay more than the proposed minimum wage in your city, increases in the minimum wage in neighboring cities will drive pressure to increase your wages. Long term employees currently earning $15 per hour are likely to demand more or seek alternate employment when less skilled workers around them are earning similar wages. It's a problem that's closer than you think.

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Preparing for Insurance Renewal Season

April and October are considered the peak months for insurance renewals requiring your company to prepare for a higher volume of paperwork and customer communications. Insurance renewals are an extensive task that can take a...

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Outsourcing for Insurance: Insurance Claims

Traditionally, insurance companies processed insurance claims by pen and paper, stored in what seemed like, an endless array of filing cabinets. Processing insurance claims has always been a meticulous process that now requires various software...

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A Start Up’s Guide in Managing Your Outsourced Team

What is outsourcing? Outsourcing is the business practice of hiring a party outside your company to perform the services that traditionally were performed in-house by your company’s own employees and staff. When done correctly, it...

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