More Than Outsourcing

What Makes us Different

We believe that good business starts at home and how we work is just as important as all we do to support both our local communities in the U.S. and abroad. We recognize that our behavior affects not only ourselves, but our clients, employees, partners and communities so we can act wisely and with intention.

At Staff Boom, Smart Business is about improving our client’s bottom line and serving the needs of our employees. We are applying our expertise and resources to help solve societal challenges on a local scale. By creating a culture that fosters health, security, education, and advancement, our employees have opportunities for a better future. In turn, our clients benefit from a consistent, dedicated staff.

We are also committed to responsible practices in our operations, with policies and programs that promote cooperation. We are devoted to creating a respectful and rewarding work environment for our employees. We invest in employee training, career development and provide strong incentive programs to support employee participation.

Your Staff Boom Team

Our solid organizational structure, enjoyable work environment and high wages plus incentives strengthen retention. Our goal is to create a company culture that is highly sought after and an environment where employees thrive and succeed. Our plan is to offer even more opportunities for advancement and education to our employees as we grow. We are proud of our team and the camaraderie that has grown in our company.

Our Offices

Your Staff Boom employees work in a state-of-the-art office based out of the Philippines. We currently have three different offices, all equipped with the latest technology to avoid any downtime and ensure that you team is always available and productive. Our offices are designed for a collaborative atmosphere, with open spaces, meeting rooms and training rooms. We strive to create a safe and comfortable environment to increase employee productivity and increase retention.

Unlike many provinces in the Philippines, our infrastructure is sound. None the less, we know your business cannot afford downtime and we’ve prepared for the worst. Staff Boom’s facilities not only have fully redundant electrical services, we also have fully redundant fiber optic internet services. Staff Boom is truly the reliable resource your business has been needing.

Security is also a major priority for Staff Boom. Our facilities are located in areas with check point entry and we have security guards on site. Not only is Staff Boom resourced for physical security, we also take special care to keep our client’s data secure. We utilize state of the art firewalls and prevent the use of cell phones, flash drives and printing on the floor. You can rest assured that your data is every bit as secure with your Staff Boom team as it is with the team in your domestic office, if not more secure.

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