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What do we do?

As a Wholesale Broker, you know that your retail agents have many choices. To keep the business coming in consistently, you need to have the right markets and you need to work as efficiently as possible. Moving from clearance to policy issuance needs to happen seamlessly, without over touching each piece of business. Staff Boom understands how important this is to your overall success and profitability. Your brokers need to spend their time strengthening relationships with retail agents and carriers, leave the data entry to Staff Boom.

Here at Staff Boom, we design solutions to help you succeed and grow. Staff Boom becomes an extension of your company with team members who work exclusively for you. The only difference is, the burden of recruiting, hiring, training and managing your team lands on the experts at Staff Boom.  We are able to execute on the toughest of tasks. Whether applying a best practices solution or helping to design and implement your custom solution, the insurance professionals at Staff Boom are here to help.

We have vast experience in underwriting and can help streamline your process. Some of the solutions we offer include:

  • Notice of Cancellation (NOC)

    We all have those clients that need multiple follow ups to obtain their pending supporting documents. They don’t always send us what we need and it leads us to begin the dreaded Notice of Cancellation (NOC) process and follow up. Here at Staff Boom we can tackle this for you. Our staff can start the Notice of Cancellation process by issuing the original request for the underwriting information and following up days or weeks later to verify if the information has been received. If it has not, we will send a Notice of Cancellation informing the client that the policy will be canceled. We will ensure communication is maintained throughout the process between the carrier, your company and the client.

  • Notice of Reinstatement (NOR)

    It’s always a good day when you can send a request for a Notice of Reinstatement (NOR). However, before this is done you have to go through the grueling process of verifying that everything being requested is received. This is something that Staff Boom can help you with and you can allow your representatives to focus on the core business. Once we confirm that all the required documents are received, we will email the producer and verify that the policy can be reinstated.

  • Filing & Document Mapping

    Your brokers are focused on writing new business and exploring various markets for the agents who submitted the insured. Their time should not be spent filing various documents to the client files and mapping documents to corresponding policies and submissions. Allow the Staff Boom team to take care of these tasks for you. You will end up with all required documents attached to the corresponding files and we will ensure a uniform process for document storage, making it easier for your brokers to locate documents within the file. This will free them up to focus on tasks that are critical to the growth of your business.

  • Inspections

    Verifying the condition of the property location is a critical component in determining risk acceptability. Let Staff Boom take the tedious task of ordering inspections off your hands. Our highly skilled reps will not only order the inspection from your inspection vendor, but will follow up to verify the report was received, review the instructions on the report, create pending tasks as needed and attach all documents to the file.

  • Policy Typing & Issuance

    Transferring data from the quote and binder into the declaration pages is a tedious and time-consuming task. Staff Boom employees have experience typing policies for various carriers and understand the meticulous nature of the task. Whether its inputting premiums, policy fees or correct effective dates, Staff Boom’s employees work diligently and with strong attention to detail, ensuring the policies are issued correctly, including all required policy forms are attached. When missing information or discrepancies are identified, we immediately notify your team and follow up for receipt of updated information.

  • Endorsements

    Processing Endorsements for Insureds is a core function of any insurance operation. Licensed staff may be required to discuss coverage options and price, but processing the requested changes online, via email, and in the management system is simply data entry.  Staff Boom employees are highly skilled in processing your changes, updating client information and following up with insurance carriers to ensure endorsements are received in a timely manner, with the correct changes requested. Your Staff Boom team will do the heavy lifting so your representatives can remain focused on providing exceptional guidance and customer service.

  • Loss Runs

    Are your brokers spending too much time compiling loss runs? Staff Boom has experience with numerous carriers and our dedicated reps know just where to find this information for you. Loss runs not available on the carrier sites? Don’t worry, Staff Boom will email the carriers, requesting the loss runs and continue following up until it is received. We can help you track down these reports, compile the records for the last 5 years into one document and attach them to the file for your brokers. We will then email the documents to the broker and attach them to the file, that way your broker has all the information they need to re-market the insured with various carriers.

  • Clearance

    Entering new client information into your management system to verify the insured does not already exist for a different agency and/or broker is a key first step in the submission process. Staff Boom representatives have experience with this key component and understand how to differentiate between various lines of business to validate the clearance.

  • Surplus Tax Filing

    State penalties due to late submissions and months of unfiled transactions piling up? We understand your challenges and we have exactly what you need! Let Staff Boom do the filing for you. Our amazing staff are well trained and experienced in filing taxable premiums and fees, endorsements, correcting/merging support documents, solving complex state questioned transactions, experts in meeting the filing requirements of any state; California, Washington, Arizona, Colorado and many more! Should there be missing documents or incorrect amounts invoices, your dedicated Staff Boom team will take the initiative to communicate to your point of contacts. At Staff Boom, we are making things easier for you.

How we do it?

Our model is structured to minimize inefficiencies during the transfer of processes from your business to us. This model is well defined and allows flexibility to accommodate your unique business outsourcing requirements.

  • 1. Learn The Business

    Everything begins with on-site observation. We take the time to understand our client’s business, assess needs, and create the perfect staffing solution.

  • 2. Make Recommendations

    Our staff has a wealth of experience to offer and will make recommendations to improve efficiency, potential restructuring, and any other improvements that will save money and free up resources.

  • 3. Collaborate

    We will work closely with management and key staff to assist with the development of step-by-step business process manuals which will be used during training and implementation.

  • 4. I.T. Consultation

    We customize security solutions for each client’s needs. Our dedicated I.T. consultant will collaborate with your I.T. department so that your communications are reliable, and data is secure.

  • 5. Testing & Sign-Off

    All business process manuals will be thoroughly tested and approved by the client to ensure that processes are efficient and no steps are missed.

  • 6. Training

    All Staff Boom employees are selected by U.S. based management. They are given hands-on training, based on the custom manuals, to master your processes, systems, and procedures.

  • 7. Go Live

    Now that procedures are in place and staff has been trained, it’s time to get to work. Staff Boom employees will be closely supervised and supported by a local manager whom clients have access to as often as they need.

  • 8. Reporting & Refinement

    From this point on, we will work with our clients to track key performance indicators, monitor reporting, and make sure they are achieving explosive results!

We leverage from best practices, combined with years of knowledge and experience to deliver ideal outsourcing solutions to support your business.

How much does it cost?

Here at Staff Boom we are so confident in our outsourcing model and pricing, that we provide full transparency when it comes to costs, as you can see below. Take a look at the pricing below and see how much you could be saving:

* pricing does not include one time onboarding expense. Onboarding expenses will vary based on the scope of work, materials, hardware and software needed for each clients unique solution.

To find out more, consult with our outsourcing specialists.

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