Back Office Insurance Outsourcing Solutions

It’s difficult to maneuver client calls, in-office visits and trying to process certificate requests for your clients, all within a timely manner. Back office tasks are extremely time consuming and often occupy a large percentage of your team’s available time, however they are vital to the success of your business. Tasks regarding policy management, claims, data entry and quality control can pull your best people away from pursuing new business and strengthening relationships with your clients. Staff Boom is here with a full range of solutions to help with your back-office needs. We will take care of those tedious, time-consuming tasks and allow your people to get back to what they do best, generate and retain business for your company. Fully customized solutions are no problem for Staff Boom. If the process can be documented, Staff Boom can do it. These are some of the more common back-office solutions performed by Staff Boom:

  • Certificate Processing
  • Renewal Processing
  • Quality Control
  • Binder and Policy Processing
  • Application Submissions
  • Endorsement Processing
  • Downloads, Carrier Memos and Notices
  • Accounting
  • First Notice of Loss
  • Mail Processing

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