Insurance Industry Outsourcing

Our Values

We value honesty, accountability, professionalism and collaboration with our partners. Commitment shows through our interactions with one another and creates an uncompromising, results-driven experience for our clients.

Why We’re Different

As our executive team looked into traditional outsourcing solutions, there was much to be desired. Traditional outsourcing models are historically built for either the large business with high minimum seat requirements or one off jobs where the process is unmanaged requiring direct resources from your business to manage and maintain the relationship. Insufficient management, high turnover, substandard work environments, unfair contracts and lacking data security spurred the idea to create an outsourcing model that made better sense. The barrier to entry was the know-how to implement a seamless U.S. to overseas operation that wouldn’t introduce new problems for our business to manage. Fortunately we had the know-how.

Staff Boom provides a fully managed process including assisting in the building of the training manuals, complete implementation, hiring, training, and management of the staff abroad. The coherent process will enable you to manage your operation the way that you always have while reaping the benefits of establishing staffing abroad.

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