Legal and Accounting Outsourcing

As companies grow, professional support services like accounting, finance, tax and legal are not a luxury, but a business necessity. However, these professional services can be very costly.

Is your accounting and finance department overwhelmed with work, delaying financial reporting or finalizing that critical financial analysis? Is your legal department under resourced opening up your company to potential liability? Staff Boom can help.

We have the necessary expertise, resources and experience to provide cost-effective and high quality legal and accounting business process outsourcing services, that allow you to focus on critical functions adding to your business’ bottom line. We guarantee that all information is handled with the utmost levels of confidentiality, integrity, security, accuracy and timeliness.

Staff Boom will work with you to provide the appropriate professional support services at a fraction of the cost. We can provide a full range of outsourced bookkeepers, accountants, CPAs, paralegals and attorneys.

These are some of the professional support services we offer.

Professional support services:

  • Accounting and finance services,
  • Contract review and management,
  • Acquisition, due diligence and integration services,
  • State and Federal tax preparation services,
  • Legal and Tax research and writing services,
  • Much more!

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