Claims Administrators

What do we do?

Claims processing is one of the primary tasks of an insurance company, with customers relying on claims being settled quickly and efficiently. It is a time consuming, and tedious job and often times can take resources away from focusing on new business. However, claims need to be processed and often times the way in which they are processed will determine future relationships between you and your customer.

When you outsource your insurance claim processing to Staff Boom, you get access to solutions to help you deal with claims as smoothly as possible. It is true that you want to move as fast and efficiently as possible through claims, but at the same time you want to ensure you are verifying the authenticity and keeping an eye on fraudulent claims. Our Staff Boom team can help with this, providing solutions that will increase the speed in which you process claims while reducing the cost of doing so, providing a better customer experience for your customers and saving you money.

We have vast experience helping claims administrators streamline and improved their processes. Some of the solutions we offer include:

  • Claims Intake
  • Claims Case Management
  • Claims Allocation
  • Claims Management Reporting

Why Outsource Insurance Claims Processing with Staff Boom

  1. Highly Skilled Staff – we have highly trained and experienced staff ready to do the job efficiently.
  2. Compliance with Service Level Agreements – we ensure that we deliver 100% what is agreed upon on the contract.
  3. Efficiency – Our staff delivers quick turnaround in settling a claim from the time it is filed to the time it is settled.
  4. Reliable and committed Management Team – Staff Boom is led by leaders with solid management expertise who brings years of experience in outsourcing.

If you are exploring options for outsourcing insurance claims processing, you are in the right place. Staff Boom guarantees your business the skilled resources that are able to give a high level of service that can easily integrate with your insurance claims systems and workflows.

How we do it?

Our model is structured to minimize inefficiencies during the transfer of processes from your business to us. This model is well defined and allows flexibility to accommodate your unique business outsourcing requirements.

  • 1. Learn The Business

    Everything begins with on-site observation. We take the time to understand our client’s business, assess needs, and create the perfect staffing solution.

  • 2. Make Recommendations

    Our staff has a wealth of experience to offer and will make recommendations to improve efficiency, potential restructuring, and any other improvements that will save money and free up resources.

  • 3. Collaborate

    We will work closely with management and key staff to assist with the development of step-by-step business process manuals which will be used during training and implementation.

  • 4. I.T. Consultation

    We customize security solutions for each client’s needs. Our dedicated I.T. consultant will collaborate with your I.T. department so that your communications are reliable, and data is secure.

  • 5. Testing & Sign-Off

    All business process manuals will be thoroughly tested and approved by the client to ensure that processes are efficient and no steps are missed.

  • 6. Training

    All Staff Boom employees are selected by U.S. based management. They are given hands-on training, based on the custom manuals, to master your processes, systems, and procedures.

  • 7. Go Live

    Now that procedures are in place and staff has been trained, it’s time to get to work. Staff Boom employees will be closely supervised and supported by a local manager whom clients have access to as often as they need.

  • 8. Reporting & Refinement

    From this point on, we will work with our clients to track key performance indicators, monitor reporting, and make sure they are achieving explosive results!

We leverage from best practices, combined with years of knowledge and experience to deliver ideal outsourcing solutions to support your business.

How much does it cost?

Here at Staff Boom we are so confident in our outsourcing model and pricing, that we provide full transparency when it comes to costs, as you can see below. Take a look at the pricing below and see how much you could be saving:

* pricing does not include one time onboarding expense. Onboarding expenses will vary based on the scope of work, materials, hardware and software needed for each clients unique solution.

To find out more, consult with our outsourcing specialists.

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