What Can Unlicensed Partners Do For Your Insurance Business?

8 July 2024
unlicensed partners

Unlicensed partners have become a key factor for success in the insurance industry. This business is composed of numerous necessary mechanical tasks to achieve quality service for clients. In this regard, every company or worker in the insurance business needs to understand what unlicensed partners can do.

Outsourcing is one solution for insurance agents, managing general agents, insurance carriers, wholesale brokers, claims administrators, and more to complete mechanical tasks. In this new blog, you’ll learn about the main activities that unlicensed employees can perform for your insurance business.

BPO insurance business

Unlicensed partners can impact positively your insurance business.

Documentation delivery

In the insurance business, unlicensed partners play a crucial role in documentation delivery activities. They are entrusted with tasks such as Policy Delivery and Policy Renewals. These tasks involve ensuring that clients receive their policies on time and renewing the policy when the Agency Management System (AMS) updates policy terms, premiums, and rates. Additionally, they handle issuing auto ID cards or providing proof of coverage for the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or insured. Concerning certificates, unlicensed employees manage to create holders, add coverage details to match requirements, and send completed certificates with necessary endorsements to the requestor.

If your company receives an endorsement or change request from the insured, the unlicensed customer service representatives (CSR) will endorse it online or via email to the carrier and endorse/revise the policy in the agency management system.

Customer service

Building relationships with clients is a day-by-day process, and it’s even more important how you respond when they need your company. Unlicensed employees in the insurance industry significantly contribute to customer service activities. One of their primary responsibilities is answering phones. These hires ensure that all client inquiries and concerns are addressed promptly and professionally.

Phone call insurance business

One of the main customer service tasks is answering phones.

They also manage to schedule appointments and coordinate meetings between clients and licensed insurance agents. Furthermore, unlicensed partners play a vital role in directing prospects or customers to the appropriate department or personnel. These tasks enhance the customer experience and foster a positive relationship between clients and the insurance business. However, there are some activities they aren’t able to accomplish.

Are there any limitations for an unlicensed partner in the insurance business?

Despite there being a high quantity of tasks unlicensed employees can do, it’s important to mention what they cannot do and receive. They must not be involved in any insurance solicitation, negotiation, or sale process. Those are exclusively for employees with licenses.

Another important aspect of unlicensed partners is that they won’t receive commissions directly tied to insurance sales. Don’t forget, that while CSRs are important for daily tasks, they need to follow these rules to ensure they’re in line with insurance laws. That’s why partnering with outsourcing companies is beneficial.

Why choose Staff Boom for your unlicensed partners for your insurance business?

At Staff Boom, we have years of insurance experience which will streamline your operations and create a dedicated team designed just for your business to carry out all your back-office tasks. We will carefully select your team and provide them with the training they need to perform numerous activities, allowing you to add time back to your licensed agents’ day.

By choosing Staff Boom as your outsourcing partner, you can be confident that you will have the assistance you require without having to spend a fortune. We are committed to your business growth.

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