The Stigma of Outsourcing

27 December 2023
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Addressing the Stigma

Let’s start with the big one… Jobs being shipped overseas.

The Affordable Care Act and increasing minimum wage laws posit a significant challenge for business owners. To put it simply, the mandated expenses place small and medium businesses at risk and the options for owners to navigate are grim. Raising prices, hiring freezes, downsizing, selling out to a large corporation (who probably outsources), or closing up shop isn’t exactly doing American workers any favors. The other alternative is to outsource a portion of the work, continue to provide for the employees you currently have and save enough money to reallocate for growth. Despite the hype, the later provides a better solution.

Loss of Managerial control

The idea that you will lose managerial control is a common topic amongst anti-outsourcing advocates and it brings us pleasure to inform you that nothing could be further from the truth. You have options to communicate with your Staff Boom employees as much as you would like and manage their work in a way that suits your operation. In addition, we also have on-site, local managers who are familiar with your processes and procedures that will make sure that your staff members are on-point and have the support that they need.

Hidden Costs

Nope. There’s simply no need and it’s not good for anyone involved. We are very involved in our partnership with our clients and everything works much more smoothly when we are all on the same page.

Speaking of hidden costs…

There are a number of costs that business owners forget to factor in when looking at staffing solutions. Worker’s comp, unemployment, payroll tax, payroll service fees, advertising, hiring, training, equipment and coffee. Lots of coffee. That list is certainly not all inclusive. When you partner with Staff Boom, you’ll see two invoices. An on-boarding invoice to get things started which will layout all the details and a monthly invoice for your staff. We like to keep things simple… there’s enough going on in the world.

Threat to security and confidentiality

We have a dedicated IT staff (Both U.S. based and local), we can customize to meet your security needs and look for every detail down to the last secured port. Here’s some more information about our network security.

Contracts tied to the financial well being of another company

In the same way that it was assumed that the world was flat, it is also assumed that because the operation is “way over yonder” in a faraway land that something suspicious is going on. Fortunately the business savvy understands that we are now in the 21st century and it is easy to establish close contact with your employees who work abroad. Anti-outsourcing minds suspect that outsourcing means that we will take your money and run, go bankrupt, etc. There are always a few bad-apples and they exist in every industry. If we followed that logic, no one would do business with anyone. Besides, it’s not a good business model and we didn’t put all this work into establishing this company to make a quick buck. We built this to serve our clients for a very long time. Your success is in our best interest.

Quality problems

Outsourcing companies have gained a bad rap and it is often assumed that they are motivated by profit, not quality. Whatever the motivation, poor quality is a common problem with outsourcing. This is typically a result of low pay, poor leadership, substandard work environments and hiring the wrong talent. Staff Boom doesn’t require long term contracts with its customers. The quality of work performed is a main driver of our retention. We have addressed each of these and you can read more here.

Bad publicity and Ill-will

Are you concerned that if anyone finds out you will be scorned as unpatriotic? Everyone is entitled to their opinion; however, few would argue the good that is taking place when they understand the difference, we are making in a third-world community. If we can make a difference for U.S. based businesses and our facility abroad, it’s a win-win in our book.

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