Is My Data Secure?

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Information security is a big concern in today’s growing threat landscape. Here at Staff Boom, we don’t believe in making a square peg fit a round hole. Instead, we provide network security that fits your business’s needs exactly; whether your business is a large enterprise, small to medium business, or one-man shop. We are uniquely positioned to work with your existing security infrastructure, provide an additional layer of security, or provide information security where there was none before.

Staff Boom provides information security in a variety of ways. Should you already have an existing infrastructure for us to work with, we can set up a secure VPN connection, which can then be maintained and monitored by your existing IT staff. We also have partners that can provide security analysts for continuous network monitoring and IDS. If you are new to the security landscape, we can provide resources and consultants to help you establish a robust security posture and protect your important data.

While this list is by no means comprehensive, it should give some insight into the network security services Staff Boom provides. We have your best interest at heart, and want to ensure that your valuable data goes untouched by attackers. Whatever your current security stance, we’re here to help.


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