Kyle Reygel Perales

Kyle Reygel Perales is the Analyst Manager at Staff Boom, and since 2013 he has played a variety of roles in the Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) industry.

Armed with exceptional organizational skills, Kyle joined Staff Boom in 2018 as a Data Representative. In 2020, Kyle was promoted to Training and Development Supervisor— where he spearheaded the framing and implementation of Staff Boom’s University programs and course developments. Kyle has also helped to build Staff Boom’s training department to what it is today. His hard work, diligence, enthusiasm, and love for what he does, has enabled him to soar high and be promoted as Staff Boom’s Analyst Manager.

In his current role, Kyle manages the Training, QA & RA Departments, participates in the recruiting of new employees, creates learning materials for client onboardings and the deployment of trainees to the Staff Boom production floor. Kyle prides himself in his strong logical reasoning, business intelligence, and leadership skills.

Kyle is an associate graduate of Hotel & Restaurant Management and is currently pursuing bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Development and Management.

Outside of work, Kyle is co-founder of a non-profit organization that mentors young professionals in the city. On his time off, Kyle enjoys watching movies, reading books, and taking care of his house plants.

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