Kyle Reygel Perales

Kyle is the Manager of People and Culture at Staff Boom. He holds a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management and pursued undergrad studies in Human Resource Development and Management at Colegio de Sebastian in the Philippines. His exceptional journey has garnered multiple accolades, while also extending his impact through co-founding a non-profit organization dedicated to mentoring young people. Additionally, Kyle serves as a keynote speaker for various organizations, including Holy Angel University, Asian Institute of Science and Technology, Sunlife Financials, and several private schools in Manila.

Kyle started as an English Instructor Associate in 2011, evolving into the first Filipino Teacher at the American English Learning Center, before transitioning into content writing and eventually becoming the Head of Training and Development at a sales company. Later, he expanded his expertise as a Business Application Specialist for Intuit and worked as a Support Engineer for Microsoft in the Asia Pacific Region.

In 2018, he started at Staff Boom where his contributions led to promotions, including Training and Development Supervisor, where he played a crucial role in developing the university program. By 2020, as an Analyst Manager, he established Quality Analysis and Reports Analysis departments, implemented automated audit systems, and expanded the team significantly. In his current role, Kyle oversees the leadership program, shapes the company’s culture, attracts talent, and ensures employee retention at Staff Boom.

Outside of work, Kyle finds joy in reading books, countryside visits, biking, swimming, watching Netflix, and wakeboarding.

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