Jeidi Guillen

Jeidi Guillen is the Operations Manager at Staff Boom. Her career in the insurance industry dates to 2005. Starting of as a call center representative, Jeidi quickly transitioned to the training side of insurance, training in-house call center reps and then training outsourced call center reps once her previous company transitioned to a call center in Tijuana. Jeidi brings the perfect combination to Staff Boom, combining hands on insurance experience with experience in the training of outsourced insurance representatives. At Staff Boom, Jeidi is tasked with overseeing operations in all Staff Boom facilities, ensuring our staff is on track and at capacity, while ensuring they are providing quality work to clients. Additionally, Jeidi helps to coordinate communications with various clients, providing scheduled updates as well as helping with any issues or concerns they may have. Jeidi is here to ensure that Staff Boom continues to grow while providing quality work to our clients, while at the same time ensuring our employees are working smoothly and efficiently as possible.

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