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6 October 2023
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In today’s business landscape, companies that are able to apply innovative processes to lower overhead expenses without sacrificing quality and productivity, come out successful. Business Process Outsourcing provides the best solution for companies to accomplish this, while achieving maximum profitability on a scaled business model.

Business process outsourcing is not only a mechanism to cut operational costs, but is a strategic move to improve the quality of processes, while managing profitability. Staff Boom has a proven method to create a seamless transition for your company to begin outsourcing. When you start working with us, we follow the process outlined below to build your remote team, and get them working successfully:

How We Do It: Breaking Down the Steps

1. Learn the Business

Everything begins with a needs assessment conducted on-site or remotely. In this initial step our goal is to understand how your business works, we do an initial analysis of your current business processes, identify areas of opportunity and define the perfect staffing solution. Through this step we will work on mapping your current processes and provide you with best practices and recommendations.

Why Workflow Process Mapping is Important

  1. Gives a broad view of the current start to finish processes.
  2. The process maps give an understanding of goals, people and technological resources used in the mapped process.
  3. Provides a clear vision of the value chain and its components.
  4. It gives a better perception of bottlenecks and other flaws in the process.

Additional information can also be revealed such as which department directly and indirectly benefit from what process, who is accountable on what process, KPIs, technologies involved and apparent risks that are inherent to the workflows. Understanding and learning your specific business needs is vital to the success of our working relationship. 

2. Make Recommendations

In this step, our subject matter experts will make recommendations to maximize your business operations, improve efficiency and possibly recommend some restructuring that will help save money and free up resources.

Why do we need to improve our existing processes?

  • Cut costs and wastage.
  • Increase profitability.
  • Avoid errors and redundancies.
  • Ensure products and services are delivered efficiently.
  • Deliver better value to customers versus your competitors.

3. Collaborate

Many businesses do not realize the need for process documentation. Often business owners consider documentation as an unnecessary accumulation of paperwork and part of bureaucracy.

This is untrue.

Documentation is a key component of process improvement, providing a reliable method to understand the different steps in the business process, allowing decision makers to analyze and compare results and performance.

Our team will work closely with your management team and key staff to assist with the development of step-by-step process documentation or manuals, which will be used during training and implementation. We will work off of the documentation your company already has or help create it from scratch.

4. I.T. Consultation

Data security is one of the major concerns of any business today. For companies that outsource any of their business functions, this concern is even greater, and needs to be successfully addressed for an effective partnership to be established.

When onboarding, you would be under our firewall. Our firewall is Top rated security validated by industry leading NSS Labs. We have full capability to connect to your systems either remotely or via cloud. Your outsourced staff will be using your in-house systems, meaning we are as secure as your in-house systems are.

Additionally, as part of our services our dedicated I.T. team will collaborate with your I.T. departments so that your communications are reliable, and data is secure.

5. Testing and Sign-off

Before we proceed to hiring and training, we want to ensure that we have all the necessary documentation to properly build and train your team. All business process manuals will be internally vetted by our training team and subject matter experts, before being sent to you for approval. This ensures that processes are efficient, no steps are missed and the Staff Boom team is operating to your request.

Testing and sign-off is an essential step to ensure that Staff Boom delivers the service which has been agreed upon.

6. Training

We train for consistent top-notch service delivery and give a concise understanding on how each team members’ role will have a positive impact on your business.

All Staff Boom employees are given hands-on training based on the custom training materials provided or created for your company, to master your processes, systems and procedures.

We also train accordingly to cover soft skills, brand voice and cultural differences. We equip your outsourced staff with the information they need to know in order to provide the best possible service to you and your customers.

7. Go Live

It is time for your outsourced team to get to work.

Your outsourced team will be closely supervised and supported by a local manager to ensure the team gets off to a successful start.

8. Reporting and Refinement

Productivity reports are provided to track efficiency and capacity of your team. Key performance indicators provide a platform for a system that rewards your remote team for successfully reaching business goals.

Staff Boom regularly conducts employee performance evaluations to address any areas of improvement for an employee to reach his or her personal goals and contribute to the team. If obstacles are encountered and are related to a skill gap, further skills development or training can be made available to overcome these difficulties and for the staff to become more successful.

Why Choose Staff Boom?

When you outsource your business processes with us, you are guaranteed access to a team of highly experienced insurance experts. We take time to learn about your business and your outsourcing needs.

Staff Boom is ready to cover the full scope of your remote staffing needs. Whether you need customer support for certificates of insurance or want to completely outsource your back office data processing needs, we are here to help.

Our services are flexible and are custom to your business need. You will get all the support you will need. Outsource with us!

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