Nathan Koh

Nathan Koh is an Operations Associate at Staff Boom. He attended the University of California, Irvine, where he pursued a double major in Business Economics and Sociology. This academic background provided him with opportunities to enhance his management styles, data analysis, interpersonal skills, and information gathering and interpretation abilities. Additionally, Nathan has gained customer service and experience expertise over the last 8 years, working across various industries such as retail, live events, nonprofits, and real estate.

In his previous role as an Asset Manager, Nathan successfully cultivated and grew portfolios for more than 500 clients, allowing him to pivot into the insurance industry. His strong skills in portfolio management and client relations facilitated a smooth transition into this field. At Staff Boom, Nathan is eager to continue developing his skill set in operations and management, building upon his existing experiences.

In his free time, Nathan enjoys reading books, learning new skills, playing basketball, and going to the gym. These activities reflect his passion for personal growth and maintaining an active lifestyle.

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