Transforming Lives: Progress on the School Construction Project

26 December 2023
Staff Boom - Transforming Lives: Progress on the School Construction Project and Its Impact on the Community – Pathway Through Education

Education is a powerful force that drives personal growth and development. It empowers individuals to identify their passions, interests, and strengths, enabling them to pursue meaningful careers and contribute to society. Furthermore, education cultivates social skills, emotional intelligence, and other essential qualities that allow individuals to form meaningful relationships and lead satisfying lives.

After nearly a year of continuous work, Staff Boom, in partnership with the Pathway Through Education organization, is approaching the completion of its school construction project in the Philippines. This initiative has instilled a renewed sense of hope in the community and promises a brighter future for the education of their children.

We had the privilege of interviewing Rowena De Guzman, an elementary school teacher and member of the Native Aeta community, and Nolan Aquino, the Head Teacher of the current school, to gain insight into the significance of this project for their community.

Rowena, the first college graduate from her community, shared her parents’ influence on her decision to study Education and pursue a teaching career. She explained the challenges she encountered and her motivation to become a teacher in her community:

“My parents had always wanted me to study Education and become a teacher in our community, and this was a dream they instilled in me from a young age. As I continued my own studies, I became acutely aware of the challenges facing my fellow students, especially those who were also native Aetas like myself.”

Rowena emphasized the importance of addressing students’ basic needs, such as providing breakfast, to ensure their ability to focus on learning:

“Observing the needs of my class, I realized that it was crucial for them to have breakfast as a starting point for their day. Having personally experienced the challenge of attending school without a proper meal, I knew firsthand the struggles my students faced. Even if teachers gave their all to educate their students, it would be challenging for them to learn and concentrate when their stomachs were empty and making noises.”

Expressing gratitude for the school construction project, Rowena believes that the new facility will enable students to attend classes regularly and concentrate on their studies without facing transportation challenges:

“I am grateful for this school-building project because it will ensure that my students won’t have to miss class or walk long distances due to transportation issues. This will allow them to concentrate on their studies and pursue their dreams.”

Head Teacher Nolan shares Rowena’s enthusiasm for the project and its potential to significantly impact the community. He appreciates the support from Pathway Through Education, which will allow more students to access quality education and acquire the skills needed to succeed in the 21st century.

Nolan states in the interview, “Having access to quality education is critical for students to excel in their chosen fields. This school project will allow more students to complete their secondary education and achieve their full potential.”

The school construction project aims to create an optimal learning environment, ensuring that students can thrive in a safe, clean, and well-equipped classroom. Staff Boom eagerly anticipates the positive outcomes that will emerge from the completed projects, recognizing the transformative power of education and the long-term benefits it can generate. From improved academic performance to enhanced community development and social impact, Staff Boom is proud to support these school construction projects and witness the positive changes they bring to the communities in the Philippines.

Angela Valencia

Chief Operating Officer

Angela Valencia is Chief Operating Officer at Staff Boom. Angela brings with her over 10 years of insurance and operations experience, successfully building underwriting teams and implementing procedural improvements. Before joining Staff Boom, Angela served as Director of Training and Organizational Development, where she led the underwriting and training teams in the building and launch of an industry-leading agency management system for the insurance industry. Angela has been instrumental in the rapid growth and expansion of Staff Boom, overseeing all aspects of operations domestically and internationally, as well as the onboarding of new clients and solidifying existing client relationships.

Angela holds a Bachelor’s degree in history and a Master’s degree in Education, which have been pivotal in her roles of training, development and process improvement. She is a proud mother of five; one boy, two girls and a pair of identical twin girls. Her kids keep her busy, but they are the biggest driving force behind her, at the end of the day her title as mom is her proudest accomplishment.

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