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14 November 2022
Staff Boom - Pathway Through Education

Education is key in the development and growth of all communities. Through education a person learns skills necessary for daily living, cultural norms, judgment and reasoning, and how to distinguish right from wrong. Proper and adequate education is critical for all communities and individuals, it sets the path for success and advancement.

Knowing how important education is, Staff Boom is excited to announce our partnership with the nonprofit organization Pathway Through Education. This organization is currently working in different charity causes both here in the United States and in the Philippines. Five students who are enrolled in senior high school through second year of college will receive scholarships through Pathway Through Education’s US-based scholarship program. Scholarships for three of the five recipients have already been awarded, and the fourth will soon follow. Eligibility for the scholarship was determined by  participants’ conducting research, locating research resources, and then writing a summary of how they would address the concerns of poverty and sex trafficking in the Philippines. The goal of this method was to help US students with their educational expenses while also gaining original, independent ideas that would benefit the project.

This partnership will also begin with a project involving the improvement and expansion of school buildings in the Philippines, which will help children and the surrounding communities gain access to better and higher education.

At the end of the project, our partnership will have led to the construction of 3 new school buildings in the Philippines, with a better set up, electricity, and improved technologies. One of the main objectives of this project is to allow students access to higher education, providing a secondary school. Students tend to drop out of school after the sixth grade, as the nearest secondary school is about 5 kilometers away from their community. Some students will continue with secondary school but will drop out a few months later due to a lack of funds for transportation. Others must walk 5 kilometers to attend school, which is not conducive to success.

By making the classroom more conducive to learning, the community will have improved student outcomes and development. Despite the challenges within the community, we are proud to see how the children have found hope in being able to continue their education. As a company, we believe that every child has the right to access a safe and quality education, giving them the opportunity to reach their full potential.

We are thrilled to see this project as it evolves and looking forward to seeing the finished product. We will be providing additional items as the buildings get completed and students start using the facilities. In addition to the buildings, Staff Boom will contribute to a food program and other ongoing resources to provide additional support to , which we will be providing additional information on as they get finalized.

Angela Valencia

Chief Operating Officer

Angela Valencia is Chief Operating Officer at Staff Boom. Angela brings with her over 10 years of insurance and operations experience, successfully building underwriting teams and implementing procedural improvements. Before joining Staff Boom, Angela served as Director of Training and Organizational Development, where she led the underwriting and training teams in the building and launch of an industry-leading agency management system for the insurance industry. Angela has been instrumental in the rapid growth and expansion of Staff Boom, overseeing all aspects of operations domestically and internationally, as well as the onboarding of new clients and solidifying existing client relationships.

Angela holds a Bachelor’s degree in history and a Master’s degree in Education, which have been pivotal in her roles of training, development and process improvement. She is a proud mother of five; one boy, two girls and a pair of identical twin girls. Her kids keep her busy, but they are the biggest driving force behind her, at the end of the day her title as mom is her proudest accomplishment.

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