Outsourcing your Certificate of Insurance Services

Every day, numerous insurance coverage related transactions are being exchanged. Certificates can be an enormous task for insurance agencies, as employees have to individually verify these Certificates of Insurance. Oftentimes, it becomes a struggle to process the certificates of insurance in a timely manner due to its strict and cumbersome procedure, additional insured requirements, and specific language.

The monotonous nature involved in its verification easily adds strain on an agency’s team and is one of the main reasons why insurance agencies outsource insurance certificate processing. The processing can be better handled by a dedicated team processing and managing these processes all together, and in consistent and timely fashion.

Common Misconceptions on Outsourcing Certificates of Insurance:

1. Fear of Losing Control of the Process

Staff Boom will help document a uniform procedure and is committed to delivering the tasks 100% to service level agreements. The information that is put into your business systems will be approved by you. Business procedures and rules on coverage exception, overriding requests or changes, comes from you. Our approach is simple and efficient in processing and managing Certificates of Insurance to your approved process and timelines.

Our solutions allow you spend more time on what you do best, while your remote team focuses on managing your certificates.

We have a straightforward on boarding process and we will work with you through the entire process:

How much does it cost

2. It Costs Too Much Money

We have unique solutions available to serve your specific and unique needs. Our solutions are improved as we continue to work more with you. We learn new ways in which we at Staff Boom can help to make your life easier, bring cost effectivity to your operations, while delivering service agreements to specifications and optimal customer satisfaction.

How much does it cost

* pricing does not include one-time onboarding expense. Onboarding expenses will vary based on the scope of work, materials, hardware and software needed for each client’s unique solution.

3. We are Doing It Well In House

Very often, open and honest conversations with employees is just plainly overlooked and employee’s pain points are not being addressed properly. Only when management teams are able to sit down with employees do they realize that managing certificates of insurance is time consuming and quite a tough job.

Reasons can vary from company to company. It is hard to put the finger on it; the staff may not have enough skills, industry knowledge and tools to track and monitor certificates effectively and correctly.

4. What Are We Responsible For?

We will setup a system that is tailor fitted for your needs. Communications will be open as we develop frequently asked questions guides and reference documents, we only ask you to respond to any notifications or inquiries that we or your representatives may have.

On Compliance

The expertise required for Certificate of Insurance is not readily found in-house and is extensive. To help, here are questions to evaluate the quality of staff and infrastructure in managing COIs:

  • Does your staff really understand insurance?
  • Do they know how to figure out if the certificate meets your requirements?
  • Does your staff know what they should be looking for on the certificate?
  • Would they know if a required endorsement or other supporting documentation is necessary for the insured?
  • How is auditing done in the case of a claim?
  • What reporting tools are you using?
  • How long is it taking each of your internal staff to process a certificate?  Is that being tracked?

Not only does Certificate of Insurance management require administrative staff to handle the everyday clerical to-dos and follow up activities, but it should also help focus the risk manager on strategic initiatives and other crucial functions that deserve their full attention. This adds to the case that outsourcing Certificate of Insurance management is a tactical advantage in maximizing core functions of highly skilled staff put together for you.

We pride ourselves in striking the perfect balance between processes and systems. If you are looking for a highly effective and dynamic solutions in managing your certificates of insurance, now is the time you partner with Staff Boom.

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