Outsourcing your Certificate of Insurance Services

18 March 2020
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Certificates are a tedious task for insurance agencies due to the volume of insurance coverage transactions that occur daily and the individual verification required by your employees. Oftentimes, it becomes a struggle to process the certificates in a timely manner, due to its strict and cumbersome procedure, additional insured requirements, and specific language.

The monotonous nature involved in the verification can easily add strain on an agency’s team and is one of the main reasons why insurance agencies outsource certificate processing. The processing can be better handled by a dedicated team responsible for processing and managing all certificates in a consistent and timely fashion.

Common Misconceptions on Outsourcing Certificates of Insurance:

1. Fear of Losing Control of the Process

Staff Boom will help document a uniform procedure and is committed to delivering tasks 100% to service level agreements. Business procedures and rules on coverage exceptions, overriding requests or changes, will come from you. Our approach is simple and efficient, we process and manage Certificates of Insurance to your approved process and timelines. 

Our customized solutions allow you to spend more time on what you do best, while your remote team focuses on managing your certificates.

We have a straightforward onboarding process and will work with you through the entire process:

How much does it cost

2. It Costs Too Much Money

We have unique solutions available to serve your needs, and they evolve and improve as we continue to work together. Optimization of your processes leads us here at Staff Boom to help make your life easier, bring cost effectivity to your operations all while delivering service agreements to specifications and optimal customer satisfaction.

How much does it cost

* pricing does not include one-time onboarding expense. Onboarding expenses will vary based on the scope of work, materials, hardware and software needed for each client’s unique solution.

3. We are Doing It Well In House

While very often these are being doing effectively by the staff in your office, it becomes a question how you want their time utilized. Do you want them spending their valuable time on cumbersome tasks that could be better spent on strategic initiatives and other functions crucial to your business? Staff Boom has the industry knowledge and skills to take this off your hands. Your remote Staff Boom team will ease the burden of your in-house employees, allowing them to focus on growing your business.

4. What Are We Responsible For?

We will work with you to develop training material, update processes or develop material from scratch. During the collaboration of training development, we will require your sign off on the final training documents. Additionally, there will be frequent communication with your new remote team, and we ask that you respond to any notifications or inquiries that we or your representatives may have.

We pride ourselves in striking the perfect balance between processes and systems. If you are looking for a highly effective and dynamic solution in managing your certificates of insurance, now is the time to partner with Staff Boom.

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Account Executive

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