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14 July 2021
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Traditionally, insurance companies processed insurance claims by pen and paper, stored in what seemed like, an endless array of filing cabinets. Processing insurance claims has always been a meticulous process that now requires various software tools, unique skills and a dedicated, streamlined operational system.

Now, Insurance businesses are constantly working to improve their workflow systems and staying up to date with the best practices. Small changes (which are implemented from time to time) can have a huge impact on the whole system of claim processing while connections between processes, vendors, staff, and workflow must be made and developed.

There’s no doubt, insurance companies have their hands full because their attention has been diverted and they no longer have the time to work on core jobs, like creating new policies and selling them.

Why Outsource Insurance Claims?

Every insurance company is looking to find their competitive advantage where they can, and insurance companies can significantly benefit from dedicated outsourced teams that have the skills, knowledge and experience processing various insurance claims. Here are several general views on how outsourcing companies can help with insurance claims processing:

Helps reduce overhead costs – the expansive processes required in claims processing, requires major investments in the infrastructure and workforce. Outsourcing helps insurance businesses to optimize their funding resource because outsourcing companies already have the necessary resources in place. There is no need for an insurance company to make the investments immediately if they want to scale up their business. The resulting savings can be better used in strategizing and implementing new insurance products which will enable an insurance company to retain their competitive edge in the industry.

Reduces work pressure – claims processing is an arduous task that requires constant follow up, with the possibility of no down time. When claims processing is outsourced, an insurance company can rest easy knowing that all the back-breaking tasks of claims processing are efficiently being taken care of.

Helps an insurance company build stronger customer relationships – With all the claims processing tasks being handled efficiently by the outsourcing partner, insurance companies can focus on building better customer service and relationships – which in turn, adds to a positive brand value as well as positively affecting company revenues.

Key Points in Outsourcing Insurance Claims

Outsourcing insurance claims needs to be grounded on a structured approach to ensure accuracy of output and help mitigate risks and errors along the way. Here are some key points every insurance business should consider when outsourcing insurance claims.

1. Strategize

Outsourcing is a smart solution for the insurance business owner when they are overwhelmed or when it’s a challenge making ends meet due to limited resources. If it’s your first time to outsource, you would need to determine how outsourcing can help you and your business.

  • Discuss your company’s outsourcing strategy with your staff and stakeholders. Deciding to outsource may require buy-ins and collaboration from everyone in the company. Involve your team in the planning process and gather insights from everyone.
  • Make a list of specific tasks that you want to outsource. Depending on your budget and needs you would need to determine which insurance claims processing tasks that you need help with, and which ones are to stay in-house.
  • Prepare for any drawbacks if you are going to outsource. This will help you to counter plan in case of failure, non-delivery of output, or unforeseen events.

2. Choosing the Right Outsourcing Partner

Here are some points in helping you choose an outsourcing partner:

  • Quality assurance – what systems are there to ensure quality work?
  • Data security – how is data handled?
  • Turnaround time – How long is the completion period of each task?
  • Packages – Are there ready packages and can they be customized according to your need?
  • Cost – are their costs justifiable with their services?

Staff Boom is a trusted insurance outsourcing company that can help you with your insurance claims processing. We have a dedicated staff of insurance claims specialists that can work with your specific needs and save you money.  We can also help you meet your goals by assisting you with better productivity, company growth, cost savings or simply bottom-line revenue. For more information, do not hesitate to contact Staff Boom!

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