Outsourcing Insurance Operations Explained

6 October 2023
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The modern idea of outsourcing begun when simple and repetitive operations were outsourced to foreign workers. Due to its success it led to a variety of jobs being outsourced, including business process outsourcing.

For the insurance industry today, outsourcing has become a vital aspect, especially when it comes to hiring and maintaining valuable staff. Not only is insurance outsourcing an efficient business practice when it comes to reduction of operational costs, it can also lead to improving business efficiency and customer service standards.

Before investing the time, money and effort in outsourcing, there are several factors that you need to consider. The following lists some key variables to consider when looking to outsource insurance operations:

1. What kind of tasks can be outsourced?

There should be an internal evaluation within your business to find out what kinds of tasks can be realistically and effectively outsourced. Ideally, if these tasks are outsourced, it should help you save time and money and not sacrifice the current quality of service. Some tasks that are commonly outsourced are:

  1. Back Office Operations
  2. Customer Service
  3. Marketing
  4. Technical Support
  5. Professional Support Services

2. Is the outsourcing provider trustworthy?

It is highly advised to take the time and do some research into the outsourcing companies you are looking to hire. Validate if the outsourcing company has the ability and reliability to deliver the tasks required and the reputation in the market for being able to do so.

3. Can the outsourcing service provider provide flexibility and scalability to your business?

Outsourcing services should give you insights on how their services would enable you and your business to have the required flexibility and scalability to quickly adapt to new laws, regulations, and compliance requirements while being able to serve the ever-changing market demands. Outsourcing should be able to help you adjust your business to become agile and meet your growth projections.

4. How is Success Defined?

When outsourcing, it is important to agree and understand success targets and goals. The outsourcing service provider should be measured against your company’s defined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

5. Work specifications

The outsourcing company should help you properly define the work to be accomplished. The more specific the tasks are, the lower the chance of errors or misunderstandings. It should be clearly outlined, what work and how it needs to be performed.

6. Advantage in opting for small outsourcing companies

More often than not, smaller outsourcing companies can be more agile. Corrections on SLAs or KPIs, agreements and clarifications can be done faster with them. Also, smaller companies tend to be more specialized.

7. Code of Ethics

At a certain point it will be necessary to disclose trade secrets and confidential information about your clients and your company. It is advised that you understand the details on confidentiality, security and privacy rules in order to avoid breach in business confidentiality. It is very important for the outsourcing company to exercise due diligence in customer empathy and professional code of ethics.

A large number of insurance companies have benefitted from outsourcing and it helped them achieve operational success while offering competitive products and services to their customers.

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