How Outsourcing Customer Service Can Help Serve Your Customers Better

14 March 2021
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Every business owner has a main key that unlocks the door to their business. This is particularly true for those who sell insurance because selling insurance is personal.  Your business isn’t simply about the products or services you provide, but about caring for the people you provide products and services to. And, to keep your business going, you need to give your best to your existing customers and have time to attract potential customers.

How do you do that?

You outsource with Staff Boom.

You hire help that understands the importance of keeping your business moving forward, 24 hours a day.

Time is valuable and you want to spend your time wisely.

How Outsourcing Your Customer Service to Staff Boom Can Help Your Customers Feel More Secure

Two of the BIGGEST perks of outsourcing your customer service is that this will allow you the time needed to oversee the other departments in your business, and you’ll be able to relax knowing that while you are working, your customers will be receiving the quality care they deserve.

The following are important advantages of outsourcing your customer service to Staff Boom.

1. Outsourcing helps build trust and long-term relationships

Our goal is to make your customers happy. Because if your customers are happy with the support and services they are provided with, they will become your long-term brand advocates.

We’re not only here to help you develop your business, but to ensure that your customers have an emotional connection and trust for you and your brand.

Long-term customers will also become your brand ambassadors because of their confidence in you, and because of this they will be more likely to spread the good news about who you are and what you have done for them. This is important because people believe testimonials over ads and commercials. Staff Boom helps you create your brand image that will be positively reinforced time and time again.

2. Outsourcing Helps to Improve Customer Communications

We, at Staff Boom, provide you with a professional customer service team that is here to make your customers feel that you are there for them. Our customer service team will communicate with your customers in a way that they will feel safe to share any of their issues and we will share their feedback with you.

The lack of communication with customers can create a lack of trust within your company and when you outsource with Staff Boom, we will help you ensure that this never happens. Communication is the key to success and it’s our job to help you stay successful.

3. Flexibility

We, at Staff Boom, can provide you with flexible coverage. If you need customer services up and running beyond your normal hours of operation or across time zones, we have practical options for you. You can close your office for the day, and we will take the calls for you.

4. A Faster Response Time

We, at Staff Boom, will provide you with a fast response to your customer upon each inquiry, because it’s not that speed matters, but customers demand it. We have Amazon and their overnight shipping to thank for that. Times have change and we must be willing to change with them. Also, your customers can quickly find someone else to insure their needs if you’re not able to ensure their confidence.

It’s important to remember that bad customer service is one of the top reasons people leave insurance companies. On the other hand, customers who have a positive experience with their insurance company will help to grow your business. When you tend to the customers you have, they will help to cultivate your business.

If you are looking for ways to improve your customer service within your business, please consider adding Staff Boom to your team… because the only reason we exist is to help you give your customers the personal experience that they are looking for and to keep them loyal and connected to you.

We look forward to helping you with all your customer service needs.

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Diana DePaola

Director of Sales

Accomplished executive and proven leader, Diana DePaola displays a unique acumen for inspiring teams and motivating performance. A graduate of California State University Sacramento, Diana has demonstrated an innate ability to deliver results and develop beneficial relationships. From employee relations and sales initiatives to carrier relationships and organizational objectives, Diana’s keenness of insight and uniquely engaging nature have led her from Human Resource Administration and insurance liaison functions to successful growth as the Personal Lines Sales Management for California-based P&C Insurer, Inszone Insurance where she increased agency commissions by nearly 200 percent as well as directed markedly successful sales team training programs and protocols based on carefully monitored client and carrier preferences. Further leading to become Vice President of The Proven Alliance, a market access group spanning 5 states, to Owner of her own independent Property and Casualty agency, Intrinsic Insurance Services. Currently Diana is managing client success internationally for Staff Boom, as their Director of Sales.

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