Hiring Challenges in the Insurance Industry

31 January 2024

Summary: Staff Boom – A Solution to Talent Gaps in the Insurance Industry

A recent post by the Rough Notes Company has highlighted the challenges of hiring in the insurance industry and how Staff Boom has been tackling them head on.

The Challenge of Hiring in Insurance

Around ten years ago, Inszone Insurance, led by Norm Hudson, faced difficulty hiring for back-office roles. This issue was part of a wider challenge in the insurance sector, where independent agencies struggled to compete for talent against larger corporations.

Introducing Staff Boom: A Custom Solution

  • Inszone explored outsourcing to address labor shortages and discovered a gap in the market for dedicated outsourced staff who could work around the clock.

Staff Boom emerged as a solution, offering dedicated teams for each client that could work around the clock. This model provided agencies with the flexibility and support needed to handle various tasks without the need for additional in-house staff.

How Staff Boom Operates

Staff Boom has grown to support 160 clients with a workforce spread across the Philippines, Peru, and the United States as of 2024 after 9 years of having started operations. The company focuses on integrating its employees into client operations as if they were their own, starting with simpler tasks and gradually taking on more complex responsibilities.

  • Operating 24/7, Staff Boom helps clients by taking on routine tasks, allowing U.S.-based staff to focus on more strategic work.

The Impact of Staff Boom. Benefits for Clients.

  • Clients, like AIS Insurance Specialists, have seen improvements in efficiency and customer service by offloading routine tasks to Staff Boom employees.
  • Staff Boom’s approach allows U.S.-based employees to take on higher-value work, potentially leading to better job satisfaction and opportunities for advancement.

The Future of Agency Staffing

  • Outsourcing with Staff Boom offers smaller agencies a way to compete with larger corporations by maintaining a high level of service without the high labor costs.
  • The model improves job satisfaction, client experience, and the financial health of the agency.

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