Employee Spotlight: Joe Overley

10 November 2023

Here at Staff Boom, we take pride in celebrating the amazing achievements of our employees and recognizing their dedication and hard work. That’s why we’re excited to bring you our Quarterly Employee Spotlight series, where we highlight the incredible talents within our team and share their success stories. This quarter, we’re delighted to turn the spotlight on Joe Overley and all he has achieved. Join us in congratulating him!

At Staff Boom, we are committed to ensuring that each and every one of our employees receives the recognition and appreciation they deserve for their outstanding contributions. Our Quarterly Employee Spotlight series serves to showcase the exceptional talents within our team and celebrate their successes. This quarter, we are thrilled to shine a well-deserved spotlight on Joe Overley and all that he has accomplished. Join us in congratulating him!

As an Account Executive at Staff Boom, Joe plays a pivotal role in our organization, responsible for driving new business sales and ensuring the growth and satisfaction of our existing clients.

He is not confined to a desk; he is often hitting the road, attending conferences, participating in crucial business meetings, and representing us at industry events. Building and nurturing client relationships is his forte, whether it’s through engaging phone conversations, thoughtful emails, or face-to-face interactions.

In essence, Joe is one of the friendly faces that keeps our clients content and our business flourishing!

Diana De Paola, Director of Sales and Joe’s direct supervisor had this to share when asked about Joe, “Joe has charisma and a draw, anyone that has interacted with him has that immediate impression.  Joe possesses a quality that, throughout my life, have found both very rare and also what I believe is the key to his continued success: PASSION for whatever you are doing. For Joe it’s been insurance, family, real estate, community… whatever it is, he’s all in. And it’s noticed, appreciated and inspiring.”

To get to know more about Joe, we asked him some questions about him and his time in the outsourcing industry world:

Q: When did you start with the company?

A: I started working for Staff Boom at the end of February 2023.

Q: How did you come to the conclusion that the outsourcing industry is a good fit for you?

A: Prior to joining Staff Boom, I had not deeply considered the outsourcing industry as the ideal fit for my career path. My choice to become a part of the Staff Boom team was primarily influenced by the realm of sales. My extensive expertise in the insurance industry and my grasp of the imperative necessity to maintain an adequately staffed workforce in the contemporary business landscape rendered this decision a straightforward and logical one.

Q: If you were not in Outsourcing, what would you like to be doing?

A: Real Estate and flipping homes is something that I have found a lot of success at and something that I have greatly enjoyed. Taking a home that is the worst on the block and transforming it into a home that the neighborhood can be proud of and turning it into someone’s dream home has been very rewarding to me.

Q: What methods do you use to stay motivated and focused?

A: My motivation is anchored in an unwavering commitment to achieving excellence in my endeavors. I maintain a keen focus and an unyielding determination to be the very best in my field. Knowing that there are people out there who are just better than you is a key driver to push me to excel through hard work and dedication. I wholeheartedly embrace the mindset of putting in extra hours and exerting greater effort to compensate for any areas where I may fall short. Competition and setting ambitious goals energize me, pushing me to strive for and attain the highest standards of success. To be candid, the prospect of losing is something I find intolerable and drives me to consistently give my all.

Q: If you could sit down with your younger self, what is one piece of advice you would share?

A: If given the opportunity, I would impart valuable advice to my younger self, urging to maintain an unwavering focus and determination throughout the journey. I would emphasize the importance of fearlessly embracing opportunities and taking calculated risks, encouraging the trust in intuition and making informed, wise decisions. Above all, I would stress the significance of staying true to oneself and having the courage to follow what is right and prudent. If I could, I would tell my younger self to stay focused and determined and to never be afraid to take chances, always listen to your gut and do the smart thing.

Q: What’s something you do outside of work that would surprise your co-workers?

A: I’m a small-town country guy, and yeah, I do rock a cowboy hat from time to time. I’m also a fitness enthusiast, spending plenty of time at the gym, and I’m passionate about competing in Pro/Am Bass Circuits when I’m not working out.

Q: What is one thing you can’t live without and why?

A: I’ve been fortunate to have a wonderful family— a lovely wife, two exceptional boys, and their equally amazing wives. We’ve also been blessed with a delightful granddaughter, and there’s another one on the way. Alongside these blessings, I cherish a handful of close friends who are like brothers to me. I wake up every day and give thanks for all these blessings.

Thank you, Joe, for always giving your best at work. Your dedication is highly appreciated! We look forward to many more years of growing with you!


Angela Valencia

Chief Operating Officer

Angela Valencia is Chief Operating Officer at Staff Boom. Angela brings with her over 10 years of insurance and operations experience, successfully building underwriting teams and implementing procedural improvements. Before joining Staff Boom, Angela served as Director of Training and Organizational Development, where she led the underwriting and training teams in the building and launch of an industry-leading agency management system for the insurance industry. Angela has been instrumental in the rapid growth and expansion of Staff Boom, overseeing all aspects of operations domestically and internationally, as well as the onboarding of new clients and solidifying existing client relationships.

Angela holds a Bachelor’s degree in history and a Master’s degree in Education, which have been pivotal in her roles of training, development and process improvement. She is a proud mother of five; one boy, two girls and a pair of identical twin girls. Her kids keep her busy, but they are the biggest driving force behind her, at the end of the day her title as mom is her proudest accomplishment.

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