Employee Spotlight: Janet Chavez

3 May 2024

Staff Boom is committed to recognizing and valuing our employees’ exceptional contributions. Through our Quarterly Employee Spotlight series, we showcase exceptional talent within our team and acknowledge their accomplishments. This quarter, we were delighted to highlight Janet Chavez and appreciate her incredible achievements. Let’s celebrate and congratulate her!

Janet Chavez has served as one of the Operations Associates at Staff Boom since 2021. Drawing upon her extensive experience in various administrative capacities within healthcare, she brings a wealth of expertise and a courteous approach to her work at Staff Boom. Janet’s transition into a different field underscores her eagerness to expand her knowledge and skills while embracing new challenges and opportunities for growth. Janet’s role in the company entails overseeing operational processes, managing client relationships, leading teams, ensuring quality and compliance, and driving continuous improvement initiatives. Janet has a bubbly and warm personality that illuminates the workplace environment, spreading a contagious sense of positivity to everyone around her and creating a welcoming atmosphere where team members feel motivated and supported. Outside of work, Janet enjoys taking road trips and spending time with her family and friends.

We contacted Janet’s superiors to gather feedback on her work performance, and the positive response quickly circulated throughout the organization. Shay Valencia, the Director of US Operations, quotes, “Throughout Janet’s tenure at Staff Boom, she has shown exceptional service and a skill set that has enabled her to create strong partner relationships built on trust and integrity.  Combined with her natural rapport and friendly and welcoming disposition, she has been able to facilitate long-term growth for her Staff Boom partners.  It has been a pleasure to witness Janet blossom into one of our most seasoned and experienced Operations Associates. I could not be more pleased with her contributions to our Operations team as well as the company.  In addition, Janet’s daily energy and optimism are infectious and a source of constant light for the Ops Associate team and traits that are very much to be admired!  She is always willing to lend a helping hand and it is always done with her trademark smile on her face.  I’m proud to see Janet get the recognition of Staff Boom’s employee spotlight as she is a pivotal piece to our Operations team and feel it is very much well deserved!”

Moreover, Ashley Alger, US Operations Supervisor, and Janet’s direct supervisor shared, “Janet epitomizes the essence of a valuable team member at Staff Boom. Her dedication and positive attitude infuse the operations team with energy and enthusiasm daily. Over her three years with us, Janet has achieved remarkable milestones, fostering valuable client relationships and setting a high bar for her colleagues. Her relentless work ethic is truly inspiring, and I am continually grateful for her contributions. Janet’s trajectory in her career is boundless, as her outstanding commitment to excellence ensures that no obstacle can hinder her path to success. We eagerly anticipate witnessing Janet’s continued growth and success within our company.”

To get to know more about Janet, we asked her some questions about herself and her time in the outsourcing industry world:

Q: When did you start with the company?

A: I started working for Staff Boom in March 2021. I previously worked in the healthcare field, but the ongoing pandemic shifted me to a new and exciting industry in outsourcing with Staff Boom.

Q: What methods do you use to stay motivated and focused?

A: I stay motivated by surrounding myself with positive people. They help me keep a positive mindset that allows for me to stay motivated and focused.

Q: Describe an experience that has had a lasting impact on you.

A: An experience that has had a lasting impact on me was working at an assisted living facility. Working there was quite a challenge, but it put things into perspective and taught me a lot of patience.

Q: What is your career goal?

A: My career goal is to make a meaningful impact. I want to continue to learn and challenge myself in my current and future roles.

Q: What would you like to be doing if you were not in Outsourcing?

A: If I wasn’t in outsourcing, I would probably continue to pursue a career in healthcare or do something completely different, such as be some type of horror movie critic.

Q: What’s something you do outside of work that would surprise your co-workers?

A: Outside of work, I like to golf, watch horror movies, and check out local breweries.

Q: What is one thing you can’t live without and why?

A: My family and friends! They keep me grounded and are always there through the good and bad.

Congratulations, Janet! Your hard work is genuinely appreciated. Thank you for your outstanding contribution to the growth and success of our company. We eagerly anticipate many more years of growth alongside you!

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