10 Tasks an Unlicensed Hire Can Do for You in 2023

5 October 2023
10 Tasks an Unlicensed Hire Can Do for You

In the wake of the great resignation, finding and keeping talent is harder than before. Even if you have low turnover, your team is likely growing and advancing within your company, leaving a gap in the lower ranks that causes you to continuously search for someone willing to do the repetitive tasks that are necessary within the insurance industry to function.

Outsourcing your insurance business’ back-office saves time and money by allowing you to focus on what you do best and give your licensed staff the flexibility and support they need!

You’d be surprised as to how much a non-licensed team can do for your agency:

  1. Policy Delivery: Emailing policies to the insured.
  2. Policy Renewals: Renewing the policy in AMS updates policy terms, premiums and rates.
  3. Downloads: Syncing automatic downloads to the system if they get caught in limbo.
  4. ID Cards: Issuing auto ID cards or providing proof of coverage for the DMV or insured.
  5. Notice of Cancellation: Email notice to the insured and check the status on the carrier’s website.
  6. Claim Notices: Adding and updating claim information in the agency management system based on claim notices from the carrier.
  7. Quality Control Audits: Review files to make sure correct procedures are being followed.
  8. Certificates: Creating holders, adding coverage details to match requirements, sending competed certificates with needed endorsements to the requestor.
  9. Endorsement Requests: If we received an endorsement or change request from the Insured the CSR will endorse it online/via email to the carrier and endorse/revise the policy in the agency management system.
  10. Commission Statements: Updating agency management system by applying commission information, and adjusting commissions.

Benefits of Hiring an Outsourced Insurance Back Office Provider for your Insurance Agency

A back-office provider can help you scale your company and provide services to a larger number of customers. They can also help in increasing the efficiency of your team by handling administrative tasks.

Hiring an outsourced insurance agency back-office provider has many benefits. Let’s take a look at the top 5 benefits of hiring them:

  • Access to qualified staff – The days of hiring and re-hiring are behind you. With Staff Boom, we provide talent that becomes a vital piece of your team, and in the case that you need more support, expanding and growing your team is as easy as letting us know.
  • Cost-effectiveness – By converting two positions to Staff Boom, you are saving up to $40,000 annually, and the savings only go up from there. We provide full transparency in our costs because we are confident in our outsourcing model and pricing.
  • Improved customer service – Customer service calls are an important touch point in your business, no matter the line of business you’re selling. We offer a variety of customer service outsourcing solutions to help you improve your relationships with clients, without sacrificing the time of your licensed staff.
  • Automation of routine tasks – Certificates, renewals, and quality control, just to name a few, are all repetitive and time-consuming. With the help of an insurance outsourcing partner, you can automate these to give responses to the client faster and still have your licensed staff focused on selling.
  • Increased productivity – With all of this support in repetitive tasks, your licensed agents are no longer splitting their time between the tasks that make a sale and the nitty-gritty required in the background. Outsourcing these tasks give them flexibility in their day, overall increasing their productivity.

Choosing the Right Outsourcing Partner

We are professionals with insurance experience who will streamline your operations and create a committed team for you to carry out all your back-office duties. For half the price of a $15 per hour CA employee, Staff Boom can build you a team.

We will carefully choose your team and give them the training they need to perform the numerous tasks, allowing you to add time back to your licensed agents’ day. By deciding on Staff Boom, you can be confident that you will have the assistance you require without having to spend a fortune.

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