Why the Phone Is Still an Important Customer Support Channel

16 October 2021
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In a society filled with email, social media, and instant messaging; the phone is still highly relevant in our omnichannel world.

Some may say that the phone is the customers’ preferred source when needing customer support, while others may say that it’s the most reliable way of communication for their business.

Based on a survey from a leading software company, Zendesk, the phone remains the channel of choice in resolving customer service issues across age groups, and here’s why:

1. Solving Complex Issues

The phone is still the preferred method of communication for customers experiencing complex issues. Email or self-service can help but can be limiting for a customer. For example, some may not have the technical knowledge to solve their issues when relying on a self-service platform. Email, on the other hand, can be challenging when it comes to describing complex problems or giving instructions.

Customers, when using the phone, can also discuss in better detail the issues that they’re experiencing, and customer service agents can walk them through the steps to resolve their issues.

2. Customer Interactions Are More Meaningful

The human voice has a much more potent effect on the brain than written text. Our voice conveys information such as gender, age, and mood among others. When we share, we create conversations, and these conversations are meaningful to those who are asking for help or support.

This is one advantage of the phone when used as a communication platform. Not only that but call center agents can convey your brand’s personality more easily, which will allow your business to create a positive and lasting relationship with your customers.

3. There is No Delay with Phone Calls

When text messages or emails are sent, you need to reply. For some, this is not an issue. They go about their day, receive, and acknowledge a reply when it comes in. But this communication approach doesn’t always work, and a phone call is required.

When there’s an issue that needs urgent attention, waiting for a response can cause frustration and waste precious time. Also, some people simply do not like to wait or to have a back-and-forth exchange. Communicating through the phone is a good solution because it offers instant communication and little waiting time.

4. Phone Calls are Easier

This is especially true for older adults because they prefer to use the phone instead of engaging via text messages, instant messaging, or emails. For most, the response when asked for their reasoning is that phone calls are a lot easier.

This does not mean that only older adults are simply used to the technology associated with telephones, but simply shares that many people feel that a live voice exchange is better because of the speed, clarity, and empathy that communication can provide.

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