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17 August 2022
Staff Boom - The Key to Long-Term Staffing Success

The Great Resignation has not only made it challenging to find new employees, but it has also raised concerns about the insurance sector’s long-term viability. Any organization’s staffing levels will naturally fluctuate over time, so it’s best to be aware of any potential changes so there won’t be any unpleasant surprises.

Employee retention suffers when you experience recruiting struggles, as your present staff has to handle an increased number of responsibilities without additional resources. You cannot afford to lose your top employees if you are already having difficulty hiring. Your finest agents will have the freedom to return to selling when you choose to outsource rather than keeping them occupied with tiresome and repetitive activities.

Back Office Outsourcing

Although back-office duties are quite time-consuming and can take up a significant portion of your team’s free time, they are essential to the success of your company. Trying to balance client calls, in-person visits, and processing certificate requests for your clients in a timely manner is challenging.

Your finest employees may be diverted from seeking out new business opportunities and fortifying customer relationships by duties related to policy management, claims, data entry, and quality control.

For all your back-office needs, Staff Boom is here with a wide selection of solutions. We’ll handle those tiresome, time-consuming activities, freeing up your staff to focus on what they do best—generate and keep customers for your firm. If the process can be documented, Staff Boom can do it.

Customer Service Outsourcing

We can handle a wide range of various customer support responsibilities and can modify to match the unique requirements of your business. We recognize that the type of customer care you require will differ depending on your business. We can provide a variety of customer service solutions, routing calls to our customer service reps and allowing your agents to do what they do best, get new clients through your doors.

Marketing Outsourcing

The insurance industry is highly competitive, which makes marketing your business a priority. The marketing team at Staff Boom provides a number of options to assist you in managing your marketing efforts and boost your sales. Whether you are just beginning your marketing efforts or just require assistance with your current initiatives, we can help you every step of the way.

Technical Support

Traditional IT support businesses benefit when a client has a problem, which lessens their incentive to guarantee trouble-free operations at the customer’s location.

Our IT specialists are capable of handling a wide range of tasks, including network and infrastructure support (managing network equipment and devices), cloud services support, VoIP and hosted PBX assistance, IT product management, ordering and procurement support, and help desk services.

Utilizing an innovative fixed fee business model, Staff Boom IT Support can streamline operations, lower operating expenses, guarantee little downtime, and boost productivity and profitability for your business. By removing unforeseen variable charges, we lower your costs and establish a predictable billing expectation for you.

Legal and Accounting Outsourcing

Professional support services like accounting, finance, tax, and legal are not a luxury for growing businesses; rather, they are a requirement. These professional services, however, can be exceedingly expensive.

In collaboration with you, Staff Boom will offer the necessary professional support services at a significant savings. We can offer a wide variety of outsourced accountants, CPAs, paralegals, and lawyers.

We have all the knowledge, tools, and experience required to offer high-quality, reasonably priced business process outsourcing services for the legal and accounting industries, letting you concentrate on activities that directly affect your company’s bottom line. We pledge to treat every piece of information with the highest integrity, security, correctness, and timeliness.

At Staff Boom, we have years of experience in outsourcing solutions within the insurance industry. We can walk you throughout the outsourcing process and explain the different types of outsourcing solutions we offer to help your business.

Learn more about how you can transform your company with the help of Staff Boom Professional Support Services. Contact us today and one of our representatives can give you a demo of our services.


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