Raymart Manapat

Raymart Manapat is a Philippines Operations Supervisor at Staff Boom. He has over 8 years of experience in the business processing outsourcing industry. He gets exposed to a variety of service types, including customer service, collection, M-Commerce service, and technical assistance. His leadership journey began in 2017, and he is passionate about developing and mentoring others. Raymart is goal-oriented and excels in compiling and tracking data that motivates his team to achieve their goals. He maintains quality service by enforcing quality and customer service standards, analyzing and resolving quality and customer service problems, and recommending system improvements. He also has established strategic goals by gathering pertinent business, financial, service, and operations information.

His journey with Staffboom began in 2019. And because of his endearing commitment, dedication, and interpersonal skills, like the other Supervisors, he began as a data rep and advanced to the positions of Team leader, Operations leader, Sr. Operations leader and Operations Supervisor .

In his free time, Raymart enjoys spending time with his daughter, playing video games, and taking care of his fish and cat.

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